The Bill

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Barkley’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award (AKA “The Bill”) is named after Bill Fromm, the agency’s founder.

The Bill is awarded for the rare vision, the courage of educated leaps, the conviction of Right in the face of uncertainty and the all-out hard-beaded belief that we can always do better. Given to those brave enough to know that creating the new often means discarding the old, and that progress is something you literally MAKE.

We found this vintage photo of Bill holding a baseball bat alongside Carl Yastrzemski and a third (as yet unidentified) man. Bill is the guy in the spotted leisure suit.

It seemed like the perfect centerpiece for the award, which is a permanent fixture at the agency. With each passing year, we add a new name to the outsized wooden frame.


  • Paul Corrigan, design, fabrication