Design Was Here

KC Design Week : 2017

Design is everywhere. It’s in the details. It’s in the space between other spaces. It’s in the one thoughtful decision that transforms an ordinary experience into a truly meaningful one.

Kansas City Design Week is a week-long celebration of the culture of Design. It includes activities, workshops, professional talks and social events meant to inspire a greater appreciation for the many ways Design affects our everyday experiences.

For KCDW 2017, we created a design system that celebrates the countless invisible contributions to our lives that designers have made. We reminded people that every designed object – no matter how insignificant – was thoughtfully engineered to make our experience better. And we tagged every one of these experiences with one profound truth:

Design was here.


  • Paul Corrigan, creative & design direction, copywriting
  • Arthur Cherry, associate design director
  • Jen Beck, design
  • Audrey Raymond, photography
  • Jim Howard, copywriting