Barkley Annual Meeting

Barkley’s annual meeting is an opportunity for every partner from every part of the company to come together. We celebrate last year’s success, and embrace the coming year’s opportunity. It’s the ultimate mashup of people and ideas.

The design brief developed for the occasion focused on the singular point of collision between individuals, ideas, talent and culture. We imagined Barkley as a particle collider — one that could accelerate and slam elements together in the most interesting ways. The result? Something never before seen.

The theme worked as a metaphor for our agency as well as for the spirit of the event itself.


  • Paul Corrigan, creative & design direction, copywriting
  • Carson Catlin, creative lead, animator, editor
  • Michael Martin, DP & sound design
  • Lesley Hunt, assoc. design director
  • Jen Beck, designer
  • Edwing Mendez, designer